Most offers to study with us are made through the — but you may receive a direct, conditional, or packaged offer.

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First round VTAC offers 

If you receive a first round offer through VTAC, you should accept it as soon as possible and before VTAC second round offers are made. 

Most offers to study are made and accepted in the first round. If you do not accept your offer, your place in the course may be given to someone else. So, be careful you don’t miss out!

To accept your VTAC offer to study with us, you must complete your enrolment online. During the enrolment process you will be instructed on how to accept your offer and enrol in the units you’ll study.

After you have accepted a first round offer, you can still explore other course options through later VTAC offer rounds, if eligible.

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Don’t panic. There are a number of alternative paths you can take to seek a place at university if you don’t receive a first round offer to study. These include:
  • changing your preferences through VTAC for consideration in further offer rounds
  • seeking a supplementary offer through VTAC

Not receiving an offer for one of your listed preferences means you should consider other courses not currently on your list. This may include pursuing an alternative entry pathway through another course. Contact us to discuss your options.

If you have not received a VTAC offer in the early offer rounds, first round or second round, you may apply for a supplementary offer.

To apply for a supplementary offer, you will need to give VTAC permission to release your application to all courses with vacancies. 

After your application has been considered, you will be advised if you have received a supplementary offer via your VTAC account.


Direct offer

If you’ve received a direct offer, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on what to do next.

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Conditional offer

What is a conditional offer?

A conditional offer is a course offer from ²ʿ that depends upon additional information or documentation to support your application. This additional information could be your final results, academic transcripts or results of a specific test.

Your conditional offer letter will include a list of the required documents we need from you.

What does it mean?

If you receive a conditional offer letter, this means we require additional information or supporting documentation from you to be able to offer you a full offer.

Your conditional offer letter will explain what these additional documents are.

The most common reason for receiving a conditional offer is to see what your results will be. Once you receive your results, you must send them to us.

You can email your academic transcript to domestic admissions at domadmit@swinburne.edu.au (or to the email listed in your conditional offer letter) or hand over a hard copy — as long as we receive your documents.

After we’ve received and verified the submitted documents, we will email you the confirmation of your full offer along with the instructions on how to accept.

Note:You cannot enrol until you have met the conditions outlined in your conditional offer letter.

Also note:If you do not provide the required documents as stated on your conditional offer letter, you will not be eligible to proceed with your acceptance.

Packaged offer

What is a packaged offer?

A packaged offer is an offer from ²ʿ that includes two or more courses offered together. A packaged offer allows you to meet the entry criteria for the course that follows upon the successful completion of the previous course.

For example, you may receive a packaged offer for a UniLink diploma and a bachelor degree. The UniLink diploma will be labelled on your offer letter as ‘preliminary course 1’ and the bachelor degree as your ‘principal course’.

While you’re studying a preliminary course, your offer for the subsequent course (the bachelor degree) remains conditional. Upon successful completion of your preliminary course, the condition is lifted and you’re able to progress to the bachelor degree.

What does it mean?

²ʿ will send you an email confirming your packaged offer — this email will include the instructions you will need to follow to accept your offer.

  • How to accept your offer

    Accepting your offer at ²ʿ is easy. Follow our simple steps and start your adventure today.

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    How to defer your offer

    Life can be unpredictable. We understand that you might need or want to defer your university enrolment offer for any number of reasons. Find out how to postpone your start date.

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